"The true story of a therapeutic exchange begins not with the patient's present problem but with the healer's past".
Rafael Yglesias, Dr. Neruda's Cure for Evil

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Welcome to Recovery in Motion

Daniel F. Buller B.Sc., Psyc.

Daniel F. Buller B.Sc., Psyc., H.S.C.

It is a common fact that everyday stressors can undermine our peace of mind. No one is immune. Recovery In Motion (RIM) opens the doorway to insight that can change your life's journey.

Based upon my personal experience, enhanced with academic knowledge, RIM will guide you into a new way of thinking and being. With my constructive methods and procedures, I will work with you to unlock your potential. By reducing stress, you will become wholesome again. For example, anger, fear, resentment and frustration are just a few of the negative states that can eat away at our inner self.

Through RIM you will learn that emotions are neither good nor bad - they are simply the body's way of transmitting information to the brain that something is out of sync.

Want to learn more? Better emotional health is just a phone call away.